Philosophy@PGGC-46, Chandigarh

The Positive philosophy society

The Department of Philosophy organised student's activities through "The Positive Philosophy Society". The prime objective of the society is to aware students about their social responsibility and develop a habit of thinking. The details are available with the HOD and a Facebook page also available to see the photos of the organised events :


Objectives of the Society:

-To enlighten the minds of students towards philosophy.

-To motivate teachers and students to crave for truth.

-To improves students reasoning power.

-To offers a platform to interact with learned people.

-To enlighten moral values among students.

-To improves intellectual powers and capabilities.

-To give a platform to express themselves.

-To encourage free thinking among students.

-To emphasis on positive aspects of life.

-The Positive Philosophy ensures positive thinking which is an inspiration towards life.



-Student Competitions


-Student Magazine/Wall Magazine

-Inteactive Meetings, Workshop etc.

-Academic collaboration with other departments, councils etc. 



Executive Committee:

The Department of Philosophy select a working committee every year  for the proper functioning of  “The Positive Philosophy Society”, Post Graduate Govt. College, Sector 46, Chandigarh. The following posts were assigned:

President -01

Vice President-01




All the other students enrolled in philosophy subject are considered as the members of the society.